Two Color Painting Challenge


A Road Trip And A Painting Challenge


I recently traveled to California with my husband for a business trip. I have to tell ya’, it was a really long ride. And it was cold for this Louisiana girl! (High point-I got to wear my hat and scarf that I bought off of Etsy!!

We did stop along the way and enjoy some of the scenery, breaking the 1600 mile trip into 2 days of driving each way. I don’t know about you, but I sure do love to see the good ole’ US of A!


I decided that while I was there, I wanted to do the Bold School challenge, so I packed a few supplies into a tote and actually used the tote as my paint table!  AKA…Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush, right??

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The Challenge

I joined this fun challenge through Bold School.  We were challenged to paint a head/face, using only two colors, plus white, and large brushes. I chose my favorite Blick Art materials acrylics and brushes, of course!

  • Artist Acrylic Series 4 in Cobalt Teal
  • Series 2 in Chromium Oxide Green
  • Titanium White.

The brushes that I used for this challenge were the Blick Mega Brush number 50, and a three-quarter-inch Flat.

The challenge included using the Loomis method.  The Loomis method of construction is a technique using simple forms and measured landmarks to construct the human head, in any angle. The method starts with a ball, breaks it into four equal sections with two lines, and then uses the created measurements to place facial features using

the Loomis method to draw out the head, and painting from memory with no reference. (Eek!) When I thought of what face I have burned into my memory that I would not need a reference for, the first name that came to my mind was Jesus. I felt a little guilty putting Jesus in teal and green, but it came from my heart so I knew it was the right thing to do.


Painting With A Limited Color Palette

Painting with a limited color palette is an exercise in understanding values.  This practice includes creating strings of color value, limiting it to highlights, shadows, and mid-tones. The goal was correct proportions in the face and head (Loomis), and creating depth and features with the limited color palette.

What Does Value Mean in Color Theory? Value refers to the lightness or darkness of a color. It defines a color in terms of how close it is to white or black. The lighter the color, the closer it is to white. You can see my value strings (created by mixing various amounts of titanium white with the true colors) in the left of the photo above.

My Take-a-way From This Project

I always love a challenge! It reminds me of the importance of stepping outside of my comfort zone. Challenges give me the opportunity to try something that I  might not have had the courage to try or have taken the time to do.

This challenge will always be close to my heart, and the finished piece brings me peace and comfort, even though it is pretty non-conventional.  My tip to you: be brave, choose colors that you love,  and create something beautiful today! You can do it!

If you would like to see this painting created step-by-step, you can view it here!

Are you ready to challenge yourself? Let me know what you’re going to try next! (Maybe we can do one together!) -Happy Painting, sister-friend! Terri



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