Furniture Painting

Top Tips for New Furniture Flippers

Fancy Or Plain Jane?

When deciding to flip a piece of furniture, there’s a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. Of utmost importance, is the reason why you’re flipping. 

  • Are you needing to use up creative energy and have found furniture to be a fun creative outlet?
  • Are you wanting to pay off debt or save a little extra money and you think flipping furniture is an easy and quick way to do it?

No matter the reason there is a way to do it.

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Enjoying The Creativity Of Flipping Furniture

This is where I fall in!  I enjoy transforming an old piece of furniture that’s no longer feeling the love and turning it into something that becomes a showpiece that its new owner will be proud of. This is where you have so much freedom. When it comes to creativity, there are so many options! Some of the things I enjoy are Decoupage,  Transfers,  Molds, neon-bright colors, and BoHo colors. You can use anything that you can imagine that can be painted on a canvas, or furniture to create something really spectacular and have fun while doing it!

The downside is supplies are expensive, it takes a lot of time (which you need to factor into your pricing), and your customers can be few and far between. It takes a little longer to find that special person who is going to fall in love with these unique pieces. Pro tip: Because your audience is so much brighter and larger on Etsy, you can sell them 3 to 4 times the price of what you can sell them for locally, on FB, Marketplace, or a vendor mall. Remember to account for shipping transportation fees and all of the other things that come along with listing online. 

Quick Flipping For A Quick Profit

The best plan for a quick flip is to follow the current trends.  For example, farmhouse, trendy colors, and using neutral colors such as gray, white, and black. You would start with selecting a piece of furniture that matches popular designs, well-made without a lot of detail. You can paint them quickly to turn them over for a profit. There is certainly a place for this in everyone’s furniture flipping business. They are your bread and butter to making a profit quickly. Although they are not difficult, they simply are not as much fun as the creative pieces.

Middle Of The Road Furniture Flipping.

How do you stay middle of the road when flipping furniture? The first step is finding a quality piece of furniture and using trendy neutral shades of paint.  In addition, using aging on the details, and using transfers or molds to add more detail. You can also use Guilding Wax, Powders,  and Gemstone Mousse, to enhance the look of your piece. 

Conclusion to Furniture Flipping

You don’t have to just choose only one method of furniture flipping to make money, you can go through them all. However, becoming known for one certain style builds your brand and increases your website traffic helping increase your business more than twofold.  So if making a profit is at the top of the list, I would recommend picking a style and sticking to it.  If creativity is more important to you, go rogue and enjoy yourself! Either way you will make money!

Furniture flipping is a very fun hobby or a very lucrative business, whatever you would like to make out of it. I love what I do, and if you are considering it too, I have faith that you will do great!

Happy painting!

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