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Selling, Shipping, & Delivery – Furniture Painting 101: Episode 7

Now that your furniture is painted, someone is interested in buying it!                            Whoo-hoo, that is so exciting but…… what??

I will help you get to the finish line with my tips for shipping and delivering in Episode 7 of Furniture Painting 101!

Let’s get to selling and shipping!!

Where to Sell


I have been painting furniture for over 15 years, and am happy to share my experience with you! Hopefully, it will save you time, and bring a quicker turnaround with your selling. These are my top picks:

 FACEBOOK MARKETPLACE                                                                                                  This is the number one place to sell, in my opinion. It also allows you to share with other buy, sell, trade groups in your area, too. The great part about this is the additional exposure your listing will receive with very little effort.

The Marketplace also allows you to select the distance from your home or store. It is a great source of reaching people within your area. I usually cover the largest groups within a 100-200 mile radius of my store.

When you are preparing your listing, please be mindful of the shipping option. Facebook will often list it with free shipping, and they require you to ship within 2 days, and have it delivered within a week. That is virtually impossible with furniture. If you are going to offer shipping, make sure to include a disclaimer in your listing, detailing shipping costs and delivery times.

FACEBOOK and/or INSTAGRAM STORES                                                                                                Facebook allows the store that you build on your business page to be shared on Instagram, as well. Be aware of the rules on each platform. Facebook also requires a 30 day return policy, which is not favorable when shipping large costly pieces. I include a No Returns policy in my disclaimer.

YOUR WEBSITE                                                                                                                          When listing and selling items on your website, there will be a whole lot fewer fees. People who love your work, this is the first place they will be looking. Your only fees will likely be for credit card processing.

VENDOR MALL (Flea Market)                                                                                                             Vendor malls are the new names for flea markets and antique stores that have more than one seller. These are great for having a local place to sell your items, look for established stores with with a lot of foot traffic.

SALONS, SPAS, or BOUTIQUES                                                                                              The greatest benefit of these locations, are a customer base that is likely to have extra expendable income, and who enjoy nicer things in their environments. In addition, it is a bonus for the salon/spa or boutique to use beautifully painted pieces to display their retail products. Using a beautiful buffet as a coffee station would be another great way to market your furniture in this type of situation.  They may even decide to buy it and make it a permanent piece! Now, that could be an easy sale!

ETSY                                                                                                                                                         Esty brings about 1/3 of my total furniture sales. I find that the market on Etsy allows my items to be listed at a higher ticket price. The fees can run about 20%, so price accordingly. I find that pieces sell for at least triple what they would sell for in my local market.

EBAY                                                                                                                                          There are a lot of furniture flippers who successfully sell on eBay.  I have not used this platform personally, but have not ruled it out.

AMAZON HANDMADE                                                                                                    Amazon Handmade is similar to Etsy. An account can be set up to list your pieces here, as well, on the largest Marketplace in the world! There are fees ($39.99 minimum monthly to have a store) that will accrue for listing here, of course, but like Etsy, this market allows a higher ticket on your items.



USHIP                                                                                                                                 UShip is the #1 shipping company used for shipping furniture. You simply input the destination address and the pickup location, and a range of suggested prices will appear. Once you submit for a bid, you will receive an offer within the next few days. This is not the final shipping cost. Insurance ($50-$100) will need to be added, as well as UShip’s fees ($50-$100), this is above the driver’s bid. Factors to consider that may increase the bid are the need for a liftgate, or other delivery options.

I will have a separate video on UShip, doing a screenshare on how to use the service.

SHIPPING COMPANIES                                                                                                                    Each location is different, but locally we have Pack & Ship Plus. It is very expensive. They do, however, package things very well. An example of the difference in expenses, I quoted $30.00 for shipping a framed canvas on Etsy, it actually cost $60.00! I absorbed that cost and took a loss,  because I listed it at that price. So, be sure to add shipping after you know the destination location.

FedEx Freight Direct (Contact 1-800-GoFedEX, or


Boxes: UHAUL                                                                                                                                      UHaul is a good option for those who would like to do the packaging themselves. For instance, if the item is something small, such as nightstands.

INDEPENDENT SHIPPERS                                                                                                  Eagle Shipping – James Gambriell (Oaklahoma based)  Facebook @eagleshipping                                                    Phone:405-808-5802                                                                                                  James is extremely experienced in the shipping of furniture across the country. He has a team of people working with him. (He does all shipping for Dionne Woods of The Turquoise Iris)      ****Prices are currently elevated due to the rise in fuel costs. To try to compensate for this, they are trying to combine shipping areas for certain weeks, so there may be longer delays in pickup and delivery.

Southern US Shippers (Texas-Carolinas)                                                                     This is who I use. Andy Prial (Andy Logistics Furniture Transport)                                                                           Phone:  518-424-2174

How To List Your Furniture

  • List colors used
  • Dimensions (Length, Height, Width-take photos with tape measure on piece)
  • Brand of paint ( if someone is looking to match a piece they may already have and want to paint it themselves)
  • Care instructions Printable Care Card
  • The more attractive & detailed the description, the more likely it will attract a buyer
  • Video on your piece (show all the details, opening and closing drawers and doors)
  • Clear photos from all angles, showing all the details
  • Bold print (price does NOT include shipping) I use a delivery disclaimer A shipping quote will be provided after purchase, once the delivery address is received. Delivery can take 2-6 weeks, Quotes may vary, and we do our best to get you the best shipping price. An estimate on shipping can be provided, however, an exact quote will ONLY be available after the purchase is finalized. Shipping varies on the size and weight of the piece, and whether it contains glass or mirrors.. Expect a minimum of $600-800 shipping freight cost.
  • Purchase is Non Refundable, please ask all questions before making purchase.

Preparing For Shipping & Delivering

Protecting the piece from scratches and damage is very important. You do not want to skimp on this step.

  • Furniture blankets. (I include them with the cost of the piece. I do not expect to get this back. Average $8 each)
  • Straps and bungee cords
  • Care Card (and/or care card package including a small container of touch-up paint, wax, business card, etc.)
  • Watch the driver load it. Make sure they are handling it with care.
  • Do not ship your furniture until it has been cured for 21-30 days
  • Insurance

I hope that I was able to help you with your selling and shipping questions! You can contact me at any time with questions, I am happy to help!

Happy Painting!



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Watch for my separate video showing bids for U-Ship





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