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Recreating an Anthropologie Chest on the Cheap – High End Dupe Challenge

This was a challenge hosted by Clara Baker @Know Can Do.  The only rule was to find a high-end piece, and duplicate it!  Below is the great piece I found as my inspiration! I do not know who the artist is that created this. I hope you enjoy my Anthroplogie Dupe!


Finding The “Right” Piece

Sometimes you know exactly what you are looking for, and it is just a matter of finding it. Other times you will not know it is the right piece until you see it. In my opinion, this is a huge part of the fun. It may take a bit of searching to find that perfect gem in the rough, and who knows what other treasures you will find along the way!

There have been times I have traveled across the state border before I have found the perfect piece of furniture to rehab. Other times I found them practically right in my backyard! Once you have found your piece, let the fun begin!!!


The Makeover

For most pieces, it usually takes a little more than just throwing some paint on it. This was also one of those pieces. I think one of my favorite things about this makeover, was it became a family project. In addition to my husband, my grandkids,  daughter, (and ME) all pitched in to create this affordable version of my inspirational high-end piece.

The Process

For prep, I removed all the hardware and cleaned and deglazed with Dixie Belle White Lightning. There were stains and odors present so I decided to use Dixie Belle B.O.S.S to tackle that issue. The drawers got a coat of of paint on the interior to keep them clean and tidy!

In addition, I wanted to change the legs to give it a more Mid-Century Modern look. I wanted to recreate the inspiration piece, but still wanted to make it my own. To do that, I changed the hardware to actual fishing bobbers (video coming soon on that) that my granddaughters and I painted while we were camping at the lake. I must admit, I LOVE the way they turned out!


Time for Paint

I used Silk All-in-One paint in Mojave, from the new Desert Collection, as well as Silk Umber (for the drawers), and Dixie Belle Mud and Best Dang Wax in Brown. 

The Stencil

To create the raised stencil, my daughter used a drawing app called Procreate, and cut it out of stencil material with her Silhouette. I mixed paint with Dixie Mud to get the desired color I was looking for, I wanted it to be just a tad darker than the piece. After a couple of hours of dry time, I gently sanded the stencil to give it a slightly smoother edge before I finished it with the brown wax, to bring out the details.

I am really happy with the way this piece turned out! The best part, this piece costs a fraction of what the high-end piece sells for!!! Whoop-whoop! I call that a win! Time to find another piece to makeover!!

You can watch all the details! Make sure to look at all of the other high-end dupes in this challenge, I have the playlist in the description of my video.

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Happy Painting!


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