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Quick Nightstand Flip

The Plan


I bought this pair of nightstands for $40 on Facebook Marketplace, planning to do a fun custom color combo, and flip them for $199.  As soon as I decided on the color blend, and did the first coat on one of them, I ended up needing a set myself!

Actually, I now want them for my granddaughter Jewel. We are setting up a home school studio for her at my house,  and these are perfect to have one beside her daybed, and one to hold her printer. The biggest change is that I now need them done like yesterday! 

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Time for some color


Initially, I started with customizing some Dixie Belle paint. I couldn’t find the exact color that I wanted for these nightstands (imagine that -Dixie Belle has over 70 colors!!) so I created my own with a 2/1 mix of Mermaid Tail and Gravel Road. I love the color!  This color was pretty all on its own, but I really wanted it to pop, so I planned an elaborate blending technique, and to use Dixie Belle In the Navy around the edges, and Black Wax in the details, and I planned to use gold accents since that is so trendy right now. 


Sealing the Chalk Mineral Paint


Ready to have them done in a day, I added a ‘cheater’ step to help save time.  While it’s not my norm, sometimes ya’ gotta do what ya’ gotta do!  I quickly misted it with a low odor clear finish that I had picked up at Hobby Lobby for another project, to seal the chalk and minerals in the paint, then used a blow dryer to quickly dry it. Then, I applied  DIY Clear Wax. I LOVE this wax. It is buttery smooth and will help the dark wax that I plan to use later, to glide. 


 Wax on Wax off


I highly recommend using Glove in a bottle, especially when you will be hands-on! It prevents the paint (and chemicals, if you are using any) from sticking to your hands, and even lasts through a few washings! (I’m getting my fingers into this one!)

So, after I got lotioned up, I started applying the wax. DIY has dark and black wax, I chose to use black on this project. I grabbed my Paint Pixie Brush, and went to town!  I just dipped it in the container, and then applied it all around the edges, and in the details.

With DIY Wax, it always needs to be your last step, as it will act as a resist for other products. (Unlike Dixie Belle, Best Dang Wax, which is water-based, and can be topcoated after curing.  It’s not that way with DIY Wax, but the application is so easy, it is definitely worth waiting until last!

I kept the application of the black wax close to the edges and in the corners and details. I then wiped off the areas that I wanted to be lighter first, using a shammy. You can use any lint-free cloth. If it is too dark,  you can always go back with clear wax to “erase” the excess. I then wiped around the edges last,  where I wanted more detail. I let it soak in a little longer than the other areas. This gave the nightstand a perfect, aged look. It doesn’t look like a freshly painted piece. I waited about an hour, then buffed the wax to a sheen. 


Time for some detail!


I used the Dixie Belle Gilding Wax in Zinc, next. This is the last step when using Dixie Belle products, also DIY now has Gilding wax, I would use the same process for either brand.  Zinc is a little darker than silver, so I used it for the base coat over the nailhead-style details. I used my fingers to apply it to the raised areas, rubbing it on all the edges and detail areas. (Another reason why I have that Glove in a Bottle on!)  No need to be perfect, this is the beauty of it being handcrafted. If you want it perfect, a factory finish piece would be a better fit.  Also, I wiped off the places where it got on the panel, just smearing it in a little, to give it a good finish.


Finishing Touch


It was really shaping up! For the final touches of pop,  I added silver Guilding Wax on the tips of the details, skipping the corners, to keep it darker around the edges.

Next was the hardware and Dixie Belle Gemstone Mousse in Diamond.  This is my favorite in the Mousse line. I just love this stuff.

Using an old artist’s brush, I covered the surface to transform the hardware to a silver tone. The bronze finish just didn’t match the new look of the cabinet. Gemstone Mousse is a quick and easy way to update anything that has to do with hardware. (You can give your kitchen a quick update just by changing the hardware color!) With Mousse, the thicker you apply it, the longer it will take to dry. I recommend keeping your application fairly thin. You can also give it a more aged finish with Black Gilding Wax on top of the dried mousse if that is the look you’re after. Make sure to get it deep into all of the crevices.

Hardware can be expensive to replace. You can get it at Hobby Lobby, Hardware Exchange on FB, flea markets, salvage yards, and make sure to remove the hardware from trashed furniture. I salvage it off old pieces too, but the most simple, affordable option is to change the look of the current hardware with mousse. I think these were the icing on the cake for this nightstand!


I really enjoyed this project! Even though it was a quick flip finish with a cheater snuck in there, it looks like hours and hours were spent to get this detailed look! What do you think?

Email any questions!

Happy Painting!

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