Furniture Painting

My Painter’s Toolkit

My painter’s tool kit contains a lot of goodies that make my life easier. Brushes are there, of course, (see my post on my favorite furniture painting brushes, brush storage, and  brush care techniques) but there are a few other items that make up my go-to tools.

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  1. I LOVE sanding sponges for lightly scuffing the surface between coats of paint or topcoats, and for knocking down the inevitable brush strokes, when I want a smooth finish. They are also THE number one tool for distressing. At around $1 each, I keep several in my kit.
  2. Chip brushes are technically covered under paint brushes, but I use and abuse them and (eventually) throw them away. I use chip brushes for applying oil-based stains, hemp oil, salves (like Big Mama’s Butta), and when I am going for a distressed look. They are my go to for dry brushing, and for “framing” out the edges of canvas and distressed pieces with  chunky paint.
  3. Applicator pads. I go through so many applicator pads! I apply stain and hemp oil with them, of course, but also wipe back stain, glaze, and excess oil based finishes. I use them to apply and buff in paint when I am blending in small amounts of color, and I use them to dab color here and there, when working on an etherial or cloudy like finish.
  4. Finishing pads. I use these to buff the finish on every piece that I do, whether it is topcoated with wax, clear coat, Gator Hide, or with no extra finish at all. I get a deep buffed shine that I have never seen created with any other tool.
  5. Rags. Mechanic’s rags, paper towels, shop towels, old wash cloths, torn up towels, and my favorites…old t-shirts and night gowns. I use rags to wipe excess paint from my brushes, and to apply and remove excess wax.  I cut up old stained t-shirts and keep,piles of them in totes and baskets to have at the ready!
  6. Toolbox: Any toolbox will likely work, but I love my Flambeau box. It is actually a tackle box, but I love the extra little compartments on top to hold my gloves. I keep adhesives (wood glue, glue sticks, E6000, etc.) in the top, and the bottom is chock full of sanding sponges, applicator pads, chip brushes, rags, and finishing pads. They all fit in perfectly. I use a 3-tier display to hold the ones that I am using when working on a project.

What’s in your tool kit?

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