Have you jumped on the Laundry Room decorating bandwagon, yet?

I mean, when we first built our house, I wanted every room to look nice. I have to admit, though, my laundry room got the pictures that were leftover. The stuff I had no place left in the house to put. It was either the laundry room or the garage sale

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I thought it looked nice though.  I liked the pictures. Some Victorian-looking things were in pretty oval antique gold-looking plastic frames. Boom. Laundry room decorated. I had my decorating act together, right?

Then along comes Pinterest and low-and-behold, fancy-britches women everywhere had STUNNING laundry rooms. Where in the heck do they do their clothes? These things were fancier than my living room. I rolled my eyes at them. Ridiculousness, I thought. Fancy laundry rooms? Are you kidding me? Did Jo and Chip start this craziness? What were they thinking? This was not reality. No way.

Sign making, silhouette, stencils, painted signs, cricut

Then I got a Silhouette (see my link below). Just for scrapbooking. I had no idea what HTV and 651 and all of that even meant. Then I saw one of my friends, Carla, making T-shirts. What??? They were cute, too. I made one. It worked! I made several, then put my silhouette away for a while as I jumped on another bandwagon of the moment.

I saw friends making signs. I got the silhouette back out and made a few. Cool beans. Not my thing, but I made a few and was proud of them.

Then I got addicted to Pinterest and those dang laundry room photos haunted me in my sleep. The dungeon where all socks go to die was beginning to look a little dreary. A lot dreary. The beautifully coiffed lady sniffing a rose in my fake ornate frame was now hanging cockeyed. She had probably been a little off for years. Honestly, I had not noticed. I spend as little time as possible in there, to tell you the truth. But…and this is the real tell-all here, I ran out of rooms to redo. I had already Pinterest-ed the living room 2 or 3 times. The kitchen switched rug and dishcloth colors so often, even I couldn’t keep up. The bathrooms had been done and redone. The living room was on the 3rd set of furniture. The laundry room got all of the old rugs as I rotated them out of one room, into another. That was the jist of my laundry room decor from 2003-2018. Shame on me.

Love it or hate it, Pinterest is FULL of ideas and inspiration. I finally decided I would go for it and decided on a couple of stencils. I got a big scrap board and a couple of 12 x 12 canvas panels.

I grabbed my paintbrushes and painted my pantry doors. I made a chalkboard panel on my HVAC door and made a couple of signs.

I hid a baggie of colored chalk behind the A/C panel door and told the hubby and the grandkids about it. My granddaughter, Jewel, leaves me the sweetest messages behind when she comes to visit. Hubby didn’t take the hint. Looks like he did use it though. I found some measurements and an electrical diagram configuration on it. Typical stuff at my house.

Here are a few shots of my cabinet doors and the chalkboard panel. I painted cute messages on the door pulls. Have you priced door pulls lately? Sheesh! These cost me $1.50 a pair and are one-of-a-kind. The other ones that I kinda, almost liked at lowes were $8.50 each. For door pulls. I am way too cheap for that. (Now my kitchen, a more “important” room, has a mismatch of REALLY CUTE knobs from Hobby Lobby. That’s a different story, and we all know I got them at 40% Off, right?)


You might notice that my pictures are not quite Pinterest-worthy. I am not saying that I was purposely hiding what might or might not be unfolded on top of my dryer. I am not saying that my un-perfectly angled photos were hiding anything. I will leave that up to your speculation. I will say, however, that we do use this room solely for the purpose for which it was intended. For 2 people, we have a LOT of laundry!

Anywho, I hope you enjoy my fancy-schmancy homemade laundry room decor. Now, back to the kitchen. (I am thinking of painting my countertops-I saw it on Pinterest!)

Here is my Amazon affiliate link for the Silhouette cutting machine, if you want to check it out.  https://amzn.to/2CxQHnk