Is Travel Insurance a Smart Buy?

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According to Allianz Travel, one of the nation’s largest travel insurance companies, travel insurance protects you from financial risks, both large, and small. 

Risks as small as lost or delayed luggage, or as large as last minute trip cancellations or health emergencies. 

Over the years, I have learned the importance of trip insurance due to last minute cancellations, and as I age, I worry more about making “big” plans and not feeling well enough to travel when the time comes to leave. 

I don’t want the fear of the unknown to keep me, or my family at home, we really love to travel, and travel is important in our lives. 

I have had lost and/or delayed bags a few times, and honestly never minded shopping in my new destination area for pajamas and an outfit or two, but the good thing, now that I travel insured, is that I can be reimbursed for my new duds! The airlines never offered that!

In 2005, I learned my lesson about traveling without travel insurance. I was in Reno, NV for a writer’s conference, and my mother’s health deteriorated quickly, back home in Louisiana. The doctors said that I needed to come home immediately, that my current travel date, two days away, would likely be too late. 

I lost the remainder of my paid nights at the hotel, and had to pay a few hundred dollars to catch an earlier flight back to Houston, then rent a car to travel the last 3 hours to her hospital room. 

Frazzled, I made it home in time, thankfully, but all of the details would have been much easier, had I just been able to call my travel insurance company. 

Hopefully, nothing as difficult as that health related emergency will happen again in my lifetime, but if it does, I will be prepared. 

I have close family members with serious health issues, and I am happy to say that they are on a 7 day Caribbean cruise, as I write this post. Fully insured, should they need to be life-flighted back to the states at any time. That gave them, and the rest of us a much greater sense of security. It also gavevthem back the freedom to travel. That is priceless. 

There are limitations, of course. Travel insurance does not cover every situation that may arise. Travel insurance is for unforseeable situations, not incidents that you could have foreseen and planned around. 

There are many plans available, and many levels of plans. Whether you just want cancellation insurance in case of bad weather (hurricane, and you bought insurance before there was a named storm) or sudden illness, there is sure to be an affordable plan to fit your needs. I recommend purchasing travel insurance for your next trip. The security is worth every penny. 

Check out plans with my affilate link to Allianz Travel



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