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Furniture Painting 101

Furniture Painting 101

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Thinking about flipping furniture?

Being a furniture painter can be very rewarding, a great hobby or even a great way to earn a living. Whichever direction you decide to take it in, in my opinion, one of the most important things is feeling confident to take the next step.

Since I began my own journey, some 20 years ago, I have always tried to share everything that I have learned with other women who are starting to bloom into their creative lives!

Let’s tackle this journey together,  with my free 8-week course, Furniture Painting 101. Each episode will answer those ” How to”, ” How do I”,  and “What do I” questions!  Let’s get started!

Welcome to Furniture Painting 101. I hope you are excited as I am!


Style Of Furniture

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The first thing to consider is style. Style can be the period or era of the furniture, or the style of the finish you want to put on your piece. For example, if you were to get an old Craftsman-style piece, it can easily be flipped into a farmhouse piece. No-brainer on that one, right? However, you can also take a farmhouse-style piece, and use an industrial finish on it! If you are flipping to sell, just remember it may take a little longer to find that person who loves the more unique styles that you create.  I do believe there is someone out there for every piece and style that you create!

Choosing A Style:  Theme & Colors

Here are some of the most common styles:

  • Traditional
  • Farmhouse
  • Rustic
  • Distressed
  • Shabby Chic
  • BoHo
  • Industrial
  • Mid-century Modern

Designing & Envisioning The Piece

Who are you designing for? Knowing who your piece is for, is half of the battle. Is this for the young girl who just got her first apartment?  She is likely looking for a trendy smaller more affordable piece.  Or, it could be for the person who wants to add a little pop of bold color into her traditional look. See what I mean?

It is important to remember,  if the piece is not for you, then design it for the person it is intended for, the end-user. I have designed many pieces that were simply not my style, but I still had a lot of fun creating them!

You can certainly take a piece and give it its own customized look. Just remember if there is not already a customer who has contracted the custom look, it may take a little longer for the right buyer to come along. My rule of thumb is to follow your heart, and when it comes to your creative energy.

(Tip: Mid-century Modern is hot trend right now and seems like it may be taking over the farmhouse look!)


Today we established what topics we will be working on over the next several weeks. We began with Episode 1: Style of furniture, theme, and designing and envisioning the piece.

Next week we will be discussing finding and choosing your pieces for fun, profit, and style, or a hobby for yourself.

If you would like to dive in a little deeper, here is the complete clip for you to watch below. Until next week…….Happy Painting!



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