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Fun Snowman Canvas Painting


Before I begin this week’s post, I just wanted to say Merry Christmas! I hope everyone had a great Christmas celebrating with friends and family. Next up is celebrating the New Year! Let me know if you have any New Year resolutions!

Now to The Painting

Alright, so for this holiday season, it wouldn’t be complete without a fun snowman painting! The way this painting turned out was so cute and I couldn’t be happier!



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I used a lot of different supplies for this painting, the most obvious being my gallery wrapped canvas. I also used Art Philosophy Oil Pastels, a variety of random brushes, and a variety of paints. Blick Acrylics Titanium White, Chromium Oxide Green, Cad Orange Hue, Liquitex Prushian Blue, Golden in Teal, Golden in Van Dyke Brown, and I used a styrofoam plate as my palette.

I began this painting by using my oil pastels to sketch out where I wanted to paint everything I love using these because they work almost like watercolors in the sense that when you paint over them, it blends into your paint as if you never even sketched it out. Now I am ready to prepare my palette which you can do before or after you sketch your painting.

Starting the painting by using my teal to paint the background of the painting. I love the coverage of these paints which is why I always use them! As I was painting the background around the snowman, as I was moving away from the snowman I made the background lighter. One thing I love about gallery wrapped canvas, is that you can paint the sides and, to me, it makes it look more put-together, so I began wrapping the background color around the canvas edges.

Starting Mr. Snowman

Now we can start the fun part; the snowman! I took my titanium white and painted in his face with it. I then made a muddy-grey color to outline the snowman face and his heat and then blended that into the edges fo the snowman and hat for a little dimension.

Then the hat! I made a lighter green with my (mentioned above) colors and began to fill in the hat. I alternated between a darker green and a lighter green every time I dipped into the paint to help bring life to the hat, rather than just a solid color. Taking an even darker green, I outlined the edges of the hat for definition.

A big part of this painting is the shading in the background, hat, and snowman. This provides depth and definition for each piece of this painting. Even with the carrot nose, shading brought it to life!

As always, you can paint along with me in my YouTube video(above) where I walk through this painting in even more detail than I can do on this post! I would love to see your results if you tried this out!

Thank you for the support,

Terri Stovall

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