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French Provencal chest makeover

   I LOVE French Provencial curved legs. I seek them out like a guy at the beach with a foot fetish. They are all gorgeous to me, and I want them all!

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Where it began

This newer piece of furniture was given to us by our friends.  It was used for holding the TV in our guest room. However, it was time for a makeover for the guest room. This piece was now all mine to refinish!

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First, I choose the color blue for this piece, who knows why I selected that color, It was just a whim. I am so glad I did. Most importantly, I think it turned out great!  This will make a wonderful pop of color for its new owner.

Time to prep

I used Dixie Belle’s White Lightning TSP-based product to clean and prepared it for the primer.

Because it had that thick, slick, nearly indestructible topcoat, And to get the best results, I used Dixie Belle Slick Stick to ensure the paint would adhere. To help the Cobalt Blue get good coverage, I mixed a little Dixie Belle Aubergine with the Slick Stick. 

Painted, dixie belle, slick stick, aubergine

Time to add the blue

Next, I applied one coat of the tinted primer (loved the deep lavender that it became!). Then I allowed that to dry for about an hour. Over the next couple of hours, I added the Dixie Belle Cobalt Blue and I used the Dixie Belle RL synthetic bristle brush.

Tip from Terri:
I wrapped my brushes in plastic wrap between coats to keep them moist and ready to use.

wrapped paint brushes, dixie belle, paint pixie


Another hour of dry time. And because the top will have the most use, I applied a good coat of Dixie Belle Gator Hide to the top for protection. While that dried, I waxed the rest of the piece.

Adding wax  

Time for wax! First I applied the Dixie Belle Clear wax, secondly added Dixie Belle Black Wax to the details and crevices. This was done one section at a time.  After the crevices were darkened, I spread a thin coat of the Black Wax over the rest of the piece using my Paint Pixie Wax Brushes. And last, I wiped it off with a blue shop towel.

I buffed both the centers and where the hardware would be placed a little more.  Around the edges and the crevices, I buffed a little less, to give it more of an aged look.

 For the bright brass hardware, I used Matte black spray paint from the dollar store.

Most importantly, I had fun with this one-day transformation!  I actually did most of it live on Facebook, on my page (@artbyterristovall). A new painter can use these simple techniques to gain confidence in their abilities to make something beautiful through the power of paint!

This piece is available in my Etsy Store





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