Dry Brush Vintage Mailbox

Happy New Year! Bye 2020 and hello 2021! I am hoping this New Year brings you many great things. While you’re starting your new year off, I thought I would bring you a quick project that only took me a few minutes to complete!

I have had this vintage mailbox in front of my business place for a white and it didn’t quite match the brown posts it is surrounded by so I dry brushed it really quick to have it match!

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I just used a couple of chip brushes and Dixie Belle Chocolate paint! After I got my materials together, all I had to do was paint on the color! I didn’t use any water as I wanted a distressed look and this also helped it dry much faster.

When you get all of your paint on, you can choose to sand down some spots to make it look more worn, or you can leave it just as it is! I hope you enjoyed this really quick project (YouTube video here) and I can’t wait to hear what ya’ll are up to this new year!

Thank you for your support,

Terri Stovall

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