Let’s give a big Sister-Friends welcome to artist Sherri Clark of Art by Sherri Clark!

I have known Sherri for a couple of years, and I LOVE her palette knife work. I even have one of her pieces on my desk!

In her own words:

I have kept my fingers busy for years!  First with crocheting; counted cross stitch, quilting…….creative projects that can take a lot of hours to complete! Then about 10 years ago I began practicing to paint with Donna Dewberry’s One Stroke brush painting method – but I felt like every paint stroke had to be “perfect”. This was very challenging and discouraging ….and even though I spent hours and hours practicing to be “perfect”, I never felt like my artwork measured up to the professionals.

I would become so discouraged that I would go months without painting. About 7 years ago I began playing with mixed media – loving the looser creative style – but my creative barrier was finally knocked down when I discovered palette knife painting 2 years ago and finally felt like I had found my artistic niche!

My style of art flows between being messy, shabby, vintage, nostalgic and romantic. I am really drawn to painting flowers….especially roses.

I love sharing creativity with others – helping those new to art and those budding artists dare to be different; to color outside of the lines; helping them play with paint; all while learning to recognize the healing powers that painting can bring to them too.

Let’s Dare to be Different together

Some of Sherri’s gorgeous pieces:

I am so excited about Sherri’s tutorial! You can watch it here: http:// https://youtu.be/IqFf1-XuMQ4

You can find Sherri through her website: www.artbysherriclark.com, Social Media: Facebook/Instagram:  ArtbySherriClark or e-mail:  artbysherriclark@gmail.com

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