Get to Know Terri

“We’re not just each other’s inspiration here, we’re Sister-Friends, and that’s a whole new ball game.”

YOU, my Sister-Friend, are an ARTIST!

My entire mission with Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush is to boost YOUR confidence. To remind women who are ready to bloom into their artistic talent, and to help them realize that they ARE an artist, and already possess all of the talent it takes to leave a colorful legacy for future generations.

Art Confidence IS my business. I’m real, and as a lifelong learner of the things, I try every new technique and product that I can get my  hands on, then share the goods and the deets with you here, saving you countless hours of looking stuff up and the expense of buying all of the latest gadgets…some that work, some that don’t…and I spill the beans right here on the Interwebs!

I am obsessively passionate, (ok, I’m a work-a-holic) about helping  you unlock your creativity. I focus on you, your questions, and making sure that YOU are having fun and enjoying your current place in life. 

Hey Sister-Friends!

I’m Terri, a Louisiana native that is making “Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler-Let the Good Times Roll”, my motto for this stage of my life!

I help Blooming Boomers learn to embrace their creative sides through workshops, classes, and how-to tutorials. Through Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush, I offer tips, tools, and techniques,  (including the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly-there is no hiding the real and the true-up in here! Lol) to help YOU elevate your creative spirit, right alongside me, as I do the same! Most importantly, though, I am here to CHEER YOU ON!

If you take anything away from here, I want it to be an unrelenting desire to pick up a paintbrush and let the paint fly! No judging, no feelings of “not being good enough”, nothing but flying paint, a silly-looking toothy grin, and maybe some 70’s Rock music in the background! (Ain’t nothing wrong with loving Neil Diamond, right?)

“Girls-They Just Wanna Have Fun!” Am I right? (Thanks Cyndi Lauper!-Now I’ve got that stuck in my head!) We spend our entire lives caring for others, doing the right thing, and waiting on “our” day to come. Well, Sister-Friend, it is time to seize the day! It’s OUR turn! If you’re like me, I have worked my entire life, and am a very focused person, and I put all of my energy into being a good student, then a good wife, a good mom, and an even better grandmother. I did it. I fulfilled my womanly obligations and did it happily. Now what? I’m gonna share something personal here, but I’d be willing to bet that I am not the only one.

A while back, someone asked me what I liked to do. I had no idea. I could not  tell you my favorite car, color, restaurant, meal, song, any of it. ”I” had been lost for a long time.  Now, I could tell you my husband’s favorite food, my kids favorite colors, and my grandkids’ favorite songs, but not mine. I had  placed my needs, wants, desires, favorite anything on the back burner for a LONG time. Paint, of course is the answer, now, but at the time, I had no idea. I was a doctor. A Traditional Naturopath, and my business was my life, outside of my family and  home.  I was all consumed. I studied every night, so that I could help my clients and customers. I wanted to be ahead of the game. I truly wanted to help people. I wrote books, I taught Udemy classes, I spoke at local meetings. Always sharing everything that I knew. I was consumed, but not necessarily fulfilled. Then Hurricane Laura took my buildings and my business in August of 2020, at the height of the Covid Pandemic. It was over. I am still a little shell shocked, as another hurricane hit two weeks later, and two devastating hard freezes added to the wrath of Mother Nature.

I could go on and on about how these events changed everything, but that was not the life-changing part. The storms and the pandemic were the catalyst that gave me the freedom that I love today! A blessing in disguise. The Silver Lining. I AM FREE! Woohoo! Early retirement! There is still a ton of work to be done behind the scenes, and I am grieving Get Healthy,  as it was such a big part of my life, but my eyes are open the opportunities that are before me, and I am jumping in head first! Out of the ashes (or the floods!) came Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush!

If you have hands, YOU are an ARTIST!

I promise to be real, and show you not only creative projects, but all of the best and easiest steps to get there! I want to spur your imagination, your inner child, and your freedom to create beautiful art that is unique to you. We’re here to make magic, and wallow all up in it with a great big smile!

Sometimes, young people think it is funny to call us Boomers, like that’s an insult. Sister-Friend, I AM a BOOMER, and I have struggled and worked hard to get to this place in life, and I hope that you, like me, are ready to finally take a moment for yourself, and refuse to feel guilty about doing whatever it takes to feel fulfilled and complete. For me, that is topped by creative expression. I spend a lot more on paint and paint brushes these days, and a lot less on makeup and hair do’s. My promise to you is that I will continue to learn and grow every day, and to share all of that knowledge with you through tutorials, classes, workshops, videos and blog posts.

 I have been an artist at heart for decades. Not a confident one, not one who would invest in good paints and brushes, but an artist nonetheless. My first foray into sharing my art came with the Artisan Market at Get Healthy, and that grew into Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush. (Note: I LOVE to travel. LOVE IT. So the ‘traveling” part there was a subliminal message to the hubby that travel would be a necessity in my new business. A little tricky-trick on the spousal unit never hurt anything, right?? Lol).

I knew I was headed in the right direction when my e-mail and social media DM’s started filling up with questions from other artists. Sharing their latest projects, asking my advice on color choice or paint brands, and all of the things. Watching these ladies grow from not even being sure which paint and supplies to buy to becoming successful art business owners, furniture flippers, and money-making artists makes me so proud!

I live on a farm with my husband, Arick, a few cows, chickens, pigs, and my fur babies, Maybelline (Yorkie) and Lucielle (street-smart cat), where we garden and raise our own food. I enjoy the company  of my grown children and playing like a kid with my grandchildren more than anything else in the world.

As a wife and mother, my family will always come first, but through my actions, I try my best to show by example the things that we sometimes forget to teach. Like self-care, finding something that you are passionate about, and going for it. Those are the same lessons that I am here to remind you of. You’ve got this, and I am thrilled to be a part of your newfound freedom!

Projects by Terri at Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush have won national competitions, and she continues to attend conferences, retreats, and workshops to stay on top of the latest trends.

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