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My entire mission with Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush is to boost YOUR confidence. To remind women who are ready to bloom into their artistic talent, and to help them realize that they ARE an artist, and already possess all of the talent it takes to leave a colorful legacy for future generations.

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If you are searching for a fun and unique portrait, or a colorful conversation piece to your furnishings, you’ve found your girl!


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How to Clean and Care for Your Artist Paint Brushes

We’ve talked a lot about brush selection and what the best brush is for each type of project, but we haven’t talked very much about caring for your brushes. Your Most Valuable Tools Your paint brushes are your most valuable tools, whether you’re painting on furniture...

What They’re Saying


Just a few words to describe Sisterhood of the Traveling Brush … inspiring, informative and always encouraging! Thank you for all you do for the painting and crafting world 💜

Shanna Dees Gaspard

Artist, The Pearl Acorn

I know Terri from her being a member of my Creative Connection group and enjoying her social media posts. We also share a love for creating and working hard.  Terri caught my attention early on with her willingness to learn all she could about the products she retails so she becomes more of an asset to her clients. I think she really enjoys what she does, which is always a pleasure when you find that in a business owner.
Dionne Woods

The Turquoise Iris

Terri is such a creative soul! Her unique art is bright, uplifting, and always one-of-a-kind! And she’s an excellent teacher who always has a wide variety of fun projects going on!

Karlyn Abdalla

Creator of The Oily Brain Game

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