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Taking your online creative business to a new level with Jennifer Allwood’s Creator’s Roadmap

I have been following the Jennifer Allwood online success stort since she was a faux finish wall painter.

Jennifer Allwood, Creator’s Roadmap, The Magic Brush Inc

She was fun to watch, and easy to learn from. I watched her painting videos, gobbling up every detail that she shared. Honestly, I am still most amazed at how she can paint in her good clothes and not get so much as a dribble on herself!

Over the years, I watched as Jennifer started sharing not only her painting business secrets, but her now-booming online business secrets, too.

I watched as she retired from her 17 year painting business, and started creating more and more business videos. I watched her social media numbers explode from 5,000 to hundreds of thousands. She us a creative business ROCKSTAR!

She “retired” her husband last year, and went from having one awesome assistsnt, to a whole crew of people keeping her now, I’m sure, multi-million dollar business enterprise running smoothly.

She has worked with her team to map out all of the things that she did to make her business explode, and recorded them to help us learn to do it, too.

I joined her Creator’s Roadmap in 2017, and it was very much worth the investment. It was one of those investments that I discussed with my husband first, and luckily he is supportive of me, and my business, which has really blossomed under Jennifer’s guidance. I will be joining the 2019 updated version, too, as soon as the doors open!

Passive income, or money that I work for once, yet that keeps paying off again and again is my ticket to retirement income. I learned the techniques that I am implementing now (and receiving monthly deposits for) from Jennifer, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

Creator’s Roadmap only opens up a couple of times a year, and that is in a couple of weeks..for free info, and to learn more, just click my affiliate link to get on the waiting list for the free Pop-Up group and check it out for yourself.

If you are seriousvabout your business, you will be glad that you did!
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